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More than 100 gluten free products prepared and cooked on site
Wonderful snacks prepared and cooked on site
Moist gluten free breads prepared and cooked on site

Gluten-free food…
that’s absolutely delicious!

La Maison Cannelle prepares gluten-free dishes, breads, and desserts that, for the most part, are also lactose-free. By combining recipes passed down through generations with the latest food innovations, our homemade foods are both safe and reassuring for people with celiac disease and for those seeking to eliminate gluten from their diet.

From comforting country-style bread to truly decadent mousse cake, not to mention stews, savoury pies, pizzas, quiches, various breads, and numerous other specialties, all of our products are made with certified gluten-free staple products, and with fresh, mainly Quebec-based products. Most of our items are available in a vacuum-packed format to maintain their freshness. Check out our product list to see what’s available.